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Our Story

Whurkd was born out of the idea that the Filipino deserved better. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is struggling to find the means to provide for their family, and their loved ones. having lost jobs and means to provide. I developed Whurkd to help Filipino families to easily find jobs and businesses to find the right candidate.

About whurkd

Whurkd Team

Over the course of two months, Whurkd was developed by a team of 4. A comprehensive list of tasks for each member of the team was given to establish structure and how everything should be done that will suit to each members team skillset.

About whurkd

Join the Team? Maybe?

Whurkd is a bootstrapped startup with no capital investment, liquidable assets, and money to pay for salary as of the monent. But what we (founder, and furry co-workers) have is a vision for the next 5 years, and the goal to deliver software that will help millions of Filipinos.

What I imagine our office if we get some $$$

About whurkd
About whurkd

Are you an investor?

Are you someone that is flush with cash, and looking into the tech scene? Maybe you have a hole burning in your pocket, and you wanna throw us a big wad of cash to get into the start of something great. We are currently looking for angel investors to take Whurkd into the next stages. Fast track the company to adolescence from its baby stages.

Please email me at marion.serenio @

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