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Earn Crypto doing
Freelance Work

Be part of the Crypto generation, and start earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from freelance work.

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Vetted Professionals

Before freelancers are accepted to the platform; experience, skill and English proficiency are tested
to ensure that you get the highest quality work possible.


Work with the best freelancers in the world, right when you need them. We vet freelancers who are the best of the best. And you get to work with them, right when you need them

English Profeciency

Get Professionals Who Can Speak English well, no matter where they live in the world. What makes us different is that whurkd is dedicated to finding freelancers who can communicate in English fluently.


Skill + Culture fit = the perfect freelancer: Finding the right freelancer for your team is not easy. With whurkd, we use the right questions to gauge wether the freelancer is fit for your team.

Grow your career

We work with leading companies in the crypto industry to find the comapny that suits your personality, and the skills that you currently have, and have that will give the best opportunity for you to grow

Industry Pay

Find Great Companies with that offer great compensation. We believe in giving employees a liveable wage, and above market value, so our aim is to find great companies that knows good developers are worth it.

Work like balance

We Look for Companies With Great Work Life Balance in their culture. Companies that care about the wellbeing of their employees, since happy employees make great products.

Working for Crypto

You won't need to spend your fiat currency to earn crypto. With Whurkd, all payments are paid through either bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC)

You get what you're owed

Having platform fees has been the norm with freelancing. All freelancers accept that a portfion of their quotes go towards the platform that they are looking for jobs in. With Whurkd, how much is the price of the quoted project is, that is what you get.

Company Vetting

We do not just accept job posts from any companiy. Just like we vet you to be great at your craft, we also make sure that you will be working for a refutable company so that all parties are happy with the working relationship.

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